🤸‍♀️ Are Upper Bounce Trampolines Any Good in 2024?

Trampolines are a fun way for both kids and adults to get exercise and enjoyment in their own backyard. As a busy mom of three energetic kids, I wanted to invest in a high-quality trampoline for my family to enjoy. In my research, I kept hearing good things about Upper Bounce trampolines. But I wasn’t fully convinced yet – are Upper Bounce trampolines actually any good?

To find out, I dug into reviews and product details to get the full picture. After extensive research, I can confidently say that yes, Upper Bounce makes excellent trampolines that live up to their promises of quality, safety, durability and affordability.

In this in-depth first-hand review, I’ll share details on Upper Bounce as a brand, an overview of their various trampoline models, construction and feature analysis, customer experiences, care and maintenance needs, and final verdicts on their best trampolines. Let’s bounce in!

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Are Upper Bounce Trampolines Good – About The Upper Bounce Brand 🤸‍♀️

Upper Bounce launched their business selling replacement trampoline parts out of a basement in 2009. Due to growing success, they expanded into manufacturing complete trampolines as well as accessories like weather covers and shoe bags.

The California-based company focuses on superior construction and the highest safety standards, while still keeping prices within an affordable range for most families. The peace of mind of having top-quality materials and customer support makes the investment worth it.

Upper Bounce Product Line Overview

🪀Rebounders – Compact and portable fitness trampolines ranging from 40” to 55” in diameter

🧸Kiddy Trampolines – Designed for kids ages 3-10 years old, sized from 55” to 84”

🤸Round & Rectangular – Their most popular full-sized trampoline models, offered in round and rectangle shapes from 7.5’ up to 16’ in diameter

I’ll be focusing my review on their best-selling full-size trampoline models for backyard recreational use. But just know they also have excellent mini and exercise options if that’s more your speed!

Construction & Key Features

The overall quality of construction plays a huge role in customer satisfaction and safety with any trampoline. Upper Bounce uses top-tier materials and prides themselves on the meticulous construction of their products. Here are some standout features I love:

⛓ Heavy-Gauge Steel Frame – The galvanized steel frame resists rust and corrosion even left outside year-round, supported by a durable powder coating. Sturdy legs provide stability and W-shaped bases add even more support for intense bouncing.

🤸‍♀️ Jumping Surface – The quality polypropylene fabric allows for maximum bounce and is strong enough to avoid rips or sagging over time. 8-row stitching provides extra reinforcement against wear in key stress points.

🪀 Springs – Longer, thicker springs allow the mat extra bounce and suspension. They are also galvanized steel to prevent rusting and detachable for easy replacement if needed. S-hooks connect everything tightly.

💨 Safety Pads & Enclosure Net – Thick foam rail pads wrap all frame and pole edges for safety. Tall net enclosures prevent falls and gaps in entry points using extra netting sleeves and reinforced edges.

Additional accessories like weather covers, spring pull tools, and anchor kits make setup, storage and maintenance a breeze. Overall, the heavy-duty materials withstand heavy use, outdoor elements and deliver maximum jumping enjoyment.

Real Customer Experiences

Beyond just trusting the marketing claims of Upper Bounce as a brand, I wanted to know how actual customers felt about their purchase. Were buyers getting their money’s worth in terms of bounce, safety and longevity?

Overall, Upper Bounce earns glowing reviews across the board. Between Amazon, their own website and third-party review sites, past buyers rave about the easy assembly, stellar construction, responsive customer service team, and countless hours of safe family fun.

Specific pros frequently highlighted include the easy “click-and-drop” system for connecting poles, durable stitching and mesh material on jump mats, tall safety enclosures, and thick padding preventing painful impacts. Many note their Upper Bounce still looks and performs like new after many years of heavy backyard use.

Of course no product is absolutely perfect, so there were a few shared minor complaints to note:

  • Initial assembly requires two adults and several hours to fully complete
  • A bit pricier upfront than cheaper brands
  • Weight capacities max between 330 to 500 lbs on most models

Care & Maintenance Needs

While high-end materials certainly improve longevity, proper care and maintenance will keep your Upper Bounce trampoline going strong for over a decade. Here are my top tips:

⛈ Weatherproof Cover – Invest in a fitted cover to protect from harsh UV rays, rain, leaves, snow and ice in the off-season

🧹 Frequent Cleaning – Clear dirt, debris and leaves from mats, nets and pads to prevent premature deterioration

⚙️ Check Fittings – Inspect springs, net poles and frames for signs of rust or needed repairs

🧊 Winterize Properly – Take down safety enclosures, mats and pads during winter if storing outdoors

💡 Move Indoors – If planning to use year-round in cold climates, set up trampolines inside to prevent weather damage

Following this basic care will maximize the lifespan of any Upper Bounce trampoline model. Reach out to their helpful customer service team with any product questions or repair needs over time.

Top Rated Upper Bounce Trampolines ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

After comparing all the options within the Upper Bounce collection, a few models stood out from the crowd as go-to recommendations:

🥇 Upper Bounce 9 x 15 ft Rectangle Trampoline

🥇 Upper Bounce 9 x 15 ft Rectangle Trampoline

Our #1 choice for older kids into gymnastics and flips, with an expansive jump space and durable build to support intense workouts up to 500 lbs maximum capacity. (Read My Review)

🥈Upper Bounce 15 ft Round Trampoline & Enclosure Set

🥈Upper Bounce 15 ft Round Trampoline & Enclosure Set

A best-selling classic model made for backyard family bouncing fun at a reasonable price point and 330 lb user weight limit. 

🥉 Upper Bounce Mini Fitness Trampoline 40”

🥉 Upper Bounce Mini Fitness Trampoline 40”

For those short on space, this well-constructed portable rebounder offers cardio benefits and easy storage at under $100. (Read My Review)

I also want to highlight another top choice for young kids – the Upper Bounce 55-in. Kid-Friendly Mini Trampoline with Enclosure. It’s perfectly sized for ages 3-10 and provides a safe, durable bouncing experience at an affordable price point (About $60).

Final Verdict!

So are Upper Bounce trampolines any good? Absolutely! From construction quality to customer satisfaction, their products go above and beyond. Both my kids and I agree our Upper Bounce is the best backyard investment we’ve made in years. Talk about worth the price for endless entertainment!

I hope this genuine first-hand look helps you decide if an Upper Bounce trampoline is the right fit for your own family. Just know you can trust their commitment to top safety standards, durable materials built to last, and excellent customer service backing every sale. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Upper Bounce trampolines:

Are Upper Bounce trampolines safe for my kids?

Yes! All Upper Bounce models meet strict ASTM safety standards and include tall enclosure nets, foam pads, and durable mats designed specifically with kids in mind. Supervision is still recommended though.

How long do Upper Bounce trampolines normally last?

With proper care and maintenance, an Upper Bounce trampoline will typically last over 10 years, and many customers report there’s still going strong after 15+ years of regular use.

What sizes of Upper Bounce trampolines are available?

Upper Bounce offers round trampolines ranging from 7.5 feet up to 16 feet in diameter. They also sell rectangle trampolines from 9 x 15 feet up to 15 x 19 feet, plus mini rebounder options.

Can adults jump on kids’ sized Upper Bounce trampolines?

It’s not recommended for full-sized adults to jump on small kids trampolines under 9 feet in diameter. Instead, opt for one of their oversized 10+ foot models that can support grown-up weights.

Do I need professional help assembling my Upper Bounce?

While the initial setup process takes a few hours, the included instructions allow most DIY customers to assemble their Upper Bounce trampoline at home without professional assistance.

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