Why Is My Trampoline Turning My Feet Black? Reasons and Solutions

Finding black residue on your feet after bouncing on your trampoline is usually caused by one of two things:

🚫 A dirty, grimy surface that needs cleaning

🚫 An aging trampoline mat that is deteriorating

Don’t worry! With some detective work, you can easily figure out what’s going on with your trampoline to turn your feet black. I’ll explain both causes in more detail below, along with cleaning tips and solutions to get your trampoline back to its bouncy glory.πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

Reason 1: Dirt and Grime Buildup

If your trampoline is outside and exposed to the elements, it’s very common for dirt, dust, and grime to accumulate on the surface over time. This oily, sticky residue can transfer onto your feet as you jump, causing those mysterious black feet.

Here are a few ways dirt and grime can build up on your trampoline:

Grime in the Air

Air pollution and particulate matter floating around outside will settle onto your trampoline mat. This includes dust, soot, car exhaust, rubber tire particles, and more.

Yard Debris

Things like leaves, grass, pollen, dead bugs and more can get tracked onto your trampoline from the yard.

Body Oils and Sweat

As you jump and play on the trampoline, you leave behind skin oils, sweat, and body grime – especially on hot, sweaty summer days!

How to Diagnose Dirt and Grime

Luckily, it’s easy to diagnose whether dirt and grime are the culprit behind your black feet.

πŸ‘‰ Simply run your fingers across the surface of the trampoline mat. If you feel sticky, oily residue rub off onto your fingertips, you have grime buildup!

Cleaning off this dirt buildup is quick and simple. Keep reading for solutions!

Reason 2: Deteriorating Trampoline Mat

Over several years of use (especially in harsh weather conditions), trampoline mats will start to deteriorate. This natural breakdown of the material can leave black residue on your feet too.

Here’s a deeper look at what causes trampoline mats to deteriorate:

What Are Mats Made Of?

  • Trampoline mats are typically made of polypropylene mixed with carbon black fibers.
  • The carbon black helps protect against UV ray damage from the sun.
  • It allows trampoline mats to last 6-10+ years rather than just 1 year without it!

Why Does Carbon Get Released?

  • Over time, UV rays will still degrade polypropylene fibers despite the carbon black.
  • This causes the material to crack and release carbon fibers, leaving black residue on feet and hands.

How to Diagnose a Deteriorating Mat

πŸ‘‰ Rub your fingers across the surface of the mat. If a powdery black substance comes off, the mat is deteriorating.

Unfortunately, a deteriorating trampoline mat cannot be repaired. It will need to be completely replaced. Safety first!

Cleaning a Dirty, Grimey Trampoline Mat

If you’ve diagnosed that dirt and grime are the culprit behind your black feet, the solution is simple – it’s time to clean your trampoline!

Here are some tips for getting rid of built-up grime and restoring your trampoline mat:

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Bucket or hose
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap or gentle detergent
  • Soft brush or sponge

Steps for Cleaning

  1. Rinse away any loose debris with water.
  2. Make warm, soapy water. Dish soap works great at cutting grease and grime.
  3. Dip your soft brush or sponge in the soapy water and gently scrub the mat surface.
  4. Rinse away all soap residues thoroughly with clean water.
  5. Allow mat to air dry fully before using again.

Regular cleanings like this will keep your trampoline bounce-ready and feet grime-free!

Solutions for an Aging Trampoline Mat

If you’ve diagnosed that your trampoline mat is deteriorating, then it unfortunately can’t be restored. The material itself is breaking down on a chemical level.

Here are your options when facing an aging, damaged mat:

Replace the Mat

  • Purchase a brand new replacement mat custom-fit for your trampoline frame.
  • This is the best option to get back to safe bouncing.

Buy a New Trampoline

  • If your trampoline frame is also nearing the end of its lifespan, it could be worth investing in a brand new trampoline.
  • Look for quality materials that will last 6-10+ years.

Protect and Prolong Your Mat

While you save up for a new replacement, here are tips to get a bit more life out of your aging mat:

  • Move the trampoline to a shady spot
  • Cover when not in use
  • Limit use to gentler bouncing
  • Don’t let pets on the mat
  • Avoid shoes, sticks, and sharp objects

With some TLC, you can prolong the mat’s lifespan a bit longer before replacement. But be sure to regularly check for deterioration, just to be safe!

Why Are Trampoline Mats Black?

Have you ever wondered why most trampoline mats are black? There are a few good reasons for this:

  • The carbon black fiber added for UV resistance is black in color.
  • Black hides dirt and grime very well compared to light colors.
  • Black absorbs heat from the sun rather than reflecting it.
  • Bright colors could be blinding to look at in sunny weather!

So the color is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Tips to Prevent Black Feet

Here are some of my top tips to prevent black feet from happening in the first place:

1. Use Trampoline Socks

trampoline socks

Special trampoline socks can protect feet from picking up grime and oils. Look for grippy bottoms to avoid slips!

2. Set Up a Sun Shade

trampoline shades

Protect your mat from UV damage and keep it cleaner by installing a sun shade over your trampoline.

3. Clean Mat Regularly

Do a monthly cleaning to prevent excessive dirt and grime buildup – less elbow grease!

4. Use a Protective Mat Cover

Waterproof covers protect the mat from weathering when not in use.

5. Ban Shoes

Don’t allow shoes on the mat to avoid premature wear and tear. Stick to bare feet or socks only!

The Bottom Line

Black feet after jumping are annoying but usually easy to deal with. Now you know the two most likely causes – grime buildup or mat deterioration. With some detective work and the right cleaning or replacement, you can get your trampoline back up and running – no more black feet!

I hope these tips help you and your family get many more years of joy and fun out of your trampoline. πŸ˜€ Happy (safe) bouncing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my trampoline?

Aim to clean your trampoline mat at least once a month. More frequent cleaning may be needed if the trampoline gets heavy use, is near trees/debris, or is exposed to harsh weather.

What causes a trampoline mat to deteriorate?

UV exposure, harsh weathering, regular wear and tear, and normal aging of materials causes trampoline mats to eventually deteriorate after approx. 6-10 years of use. This deterioration causes black carbon fibers to be released.

How can I make my trampoline mat last longer?

Use a trampoline cover when not in use, place in a shaded spot, regularly clean the mat, avoid letting pets on, don’t wear shoes, and don’t allow sharp objects that could damage the material.

When should I replace my trampoline mat?

If rubbing the mat’s surface shows a powdery black residue on your hands, this indicates the mat is deteriorating and should be replaced for safety reasons. It’s also smart to replace mats every 6-10 years as a precaution.

Can I just replace the mat or do I need a whole new trampoline?

In many cases, you can simply purchase a replacement trampoline mat specially designed for your make/model’s frame. But if the frame is also nearing the end of its lifespan, investing in a whole new trampoline may be worth it.

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