Jumpking Trampoline Review

JUMPKING was established in 1948. In the US, the company accounts for 60% of sales of recreational trampolines, making it the largest trampoline manufacturer and seller in the world. It is based in Edison, Texas.

In 2005, JUMPKING was acquired by YJ (USA) Corporation. In addition to manufacturing textiles, soft goods, and sewing metal, YJ (USA) Corporation is now a trampoline manufacturer.

Why should you buy JUMPKING trampolines?

There are many different types of trampolines offered by JUMPKING, with different features and preferences to choose from. 

A vital component of every JUMPKING trampoline is its galvanized steel frame, which offers high durability. By including this element in the design, the trampoline can withstand the test of time and offer value for money to consumers. 

According to many consumer reviews, their trampoline ran for longer than they anticipated and bounced a lot, which is an encouraging indication that the trampoline was made well.

This is only part of the story. In addition to providing fun for your kids, JUMPKING trampolines also ensure they jump properly.

However, manufacturers of JUMPKING trampoline products try to offer jumping abilities without compromising safety. JUMPKING Trampoline’s products are designed with a protective net made from high-quality materials for that reason.

Let’s take a closer look at the best trampolines from JUMPKING. Throughout this post, we will go over the various types of trampolines offered by Jumping so that you can select the one that is right for you and your family.

JUMPKING Round Trampoline Review

JUMPKING sells a lot of round trampolines that come with and without an enclosure net. This trampoline comes with a basketball hoop. That is why I’m reviewing this trampoline.

JUMPKING 15 ft. Trampoline 7 Legs/ 7 Poles with Bonus Basketball Hoop

Whether you’re young or old, you’ll love the JUMPKING 15 trampoline with 7 legs and a basketball hoop. There is plenty of space for baskets to jump and shoot on this trampoline, making it the ideal trampoline for kids and adults alike.

Construction and Safety

As a result of the welded T-connector, the trampoline frame is more stable while jumping. Galvanized steel makes the trampoline frame rust-resistant, which means you can enjoy it for years to come. JUMPKING 15 ‘Trampoline 7 Pools with Bonus Basketball Hope is the perfect way for your family to have a memorable time.

A thorough safety and durability test is performed on all JUMPKING products to ensure that they meet or exceed all ASTM safety standards.

Moreover, enclosure CURVE pools are designed to keep enclosure nets away from enclosure poles to keep kids safe when jumping.


On the outside of the 6-foot net enclosure, 98 galvanized steel springs protect children from pinch points and holes.

Through patented over-under springs, the trampoline frame is more stable when jumping and provides a better and softer bounce.

Safety Net

Children will stay safe inside JUMPKING ‘s enclosure system with its curved door, dual zippers, and clip closure system. Thanks to the enclosure net, jumpers are prevented from contacting springs or metal frames.

This net of top-notch quality polyethylene offers extra protection by preventing fingers and toes from catching.


There are 7 black padded poles in this enclosure system. Each pole has a slight upward tilt to keep the wall net away from the poles to provide extra protection when jumping. Additionally, a pole cap is attached to each pole to secure hanging net attachments.


It can take a few hours for assembly. The guide is not very helpful on specific points. Creating a level jumping surface and connecting it is the hardest part. The jumping surface could have been adjusted easily with accurate reflections initially, but installing the springs required considerable strength.

Overall if you are two-person, installation is not difficult.


A strong warranty protects the products of JUMPKING. A 1-year limited warranty covers trampoline frame and jumping mats, a safety pad is covered for 6 months, and all other parts are covered for 90 days.

JUMPKING 15 ft. Trampoline 7 Legs/ 7 Poles with Bonus Basketball Hoop

jumpking round trampoline review
  • Featuring 7 legs and 7 poles made of rust-resistant galvanized steel.
  • UV-protected polypropylene is used for the jumping surface.
  • Each pole is tilted upward to keep the netting away from the poles to provide extra protection when jumping.
  • JUMPKING products are rigorously tested to ensure safety and durability and comply with or exceed ASTM standards.


ColorBlack/ Orange
MaterialFoam, Polypropylene, Fiberglass, Mesh
Pad TypeFoam Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Weight capacity300 pounds

JUMPKING Rectangular Trampoline Review

JUMPKING Sells many rectangular trampolines on amazon and other online marketplaces but we can’t review every JUMPKING rectangular trampoline here. We will look at JUMPKING Pro-Series Rectangular Trampolines that come in different sizes 10×15, 10×16, and 10 X 18 feet sizes.

Here we will review the 10×18 feet rectangular trampoline from JUMPKING.

JUMPKING Pro-Series Rectangular Trampoline 10’ x 18’

JUMPKING’s rectangular trampoline and enclosure system measure 10ft x 18ft, which is more than enough for a family.

Design and safety

This rectangular trampoline from JUMPKING is designed to last for years. The lattice enclosure is fully supported by horizontal shock cord rods to create a safe and impressive jumping arena.

The trampoline design is unique and modern. Thanks to patented pending spring arrangements, it offers the best bounce in the industry. This jumping mat is designed and made in America.

This rectangular trampoline is perfect for those looking for the best trampoline on the market for their whole family.


The net has 120 galvanized steel springs that are 8.5″ long and 8 galvanized steel springs that are 5.5″ long (corner) enclosures to prevent children from falling through the holes and pinch points.


You’ll find everything you need for a fun backyard experience in three boxes within this state-of-the-art trampoline. You will have no problem with assembly.


  • The trampoline frame comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • A 1-year warranty covers the G3 Poles and Safety Net.
  • Spring warranty, jumping surface, jumping surface components, safety pad, and a two-year warranty cover XPE foam sleeve.

Note: The company will not cover damage caused by weather, unauthorized repairs, or misuse.

JUMPKING Pro-Series Rectangular Trampoline 10’ x 18’

jumpking rectangular trampoline review
  • Providing the best bounce available on the market with patent-pending spring management.
  • Steel frame coated in black powder with six black powder-coated legs and 12 poles to resist rust.
  • Featuring UV-protected polypropylene and an airflow system for the improved bounce.


ColorBlack/ Orange
MaterialFoam, Polypropylene, Fiberglass, Mesh
Size10X18 Feet
Pad TypeFoam Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Weight capacity400 pounds

JUMPKING Oval Trampoline Review

If you have 2 kids and you want to play with them at the same time together without any problem, then following the given trampoline is the best option for you because of its unique handlebars.

JUMPKING Mini Oval Trampoline with Green Pad, 38″ x 66″

The kids can burn some energy with the mini oval purple trampoline measuring 38″ by 66″. The mini oval trampoline at home is a great way to get kids into fitness early.

I purchased this trampoline myself. It is worth getting if you have room for it. This indoor trampoline is our fourth, and I have never seen anything like it in my search, so I hope it continues. It is so much fun for the kids here.


The instructions were incorrect, and it looked like they were copied from somewhere else. As a side note, you need safety goggles, gloves, and a malt (I only used a screwdriver). It takes 2 hours to complete. I only spent an hour on it. It took us about 20 minutes to unpack it and put it together.

My DIY Work

The mat wasn’t flat and didn’t overlap the jumping surface for my comfort. With some guerrilla tape, I lowered the outer edge of the mat and relocated the bottom hooks.

In addition to wrapping the handles and sleeves with tape, I also covered the edges of the foam padding with tape as these kids won’t leave anything alone. The results have been impressive.

JUMPKING Mini Oval Trampoline with Green Pad

jumpking oval mini trampoline review
  • This oval baby trampoline weighs 110 pounds and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Its two special handlebars for added control and stability and an animal-print safety pad that illuminates any environment.
  • This is the best trampoline for 2 children simultaneously without any hesitation.


Frame Size38×66 inches
Length33 inches
Height6 inches
Weight capacity110 pounds


Overall, while searching for JUMPKING trampolines for this review, I noticed that they are relatively expensive but cumbersome and sturdy at the same time. So, I can rely on all of these trampolines for different needs. Like I can use a rectangular trampoline for my whole family. Oval mini trampoline for kids and round trampoline for a relatively good bounce for kids and adults.

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