Kangaroo Hoppers 12-15ft Trampoline Review: A First-Hand Look

(Narrated by Miss. Linda, researched by Ammar Masoud and written by M Waqas Saeed)

I recently purchased the popular Kangaroo Hoppers 12ft and 15ft round trampolines. After thorough testing and personal use, I’m sharing my first-hand experience on the setup, build quality, safety, performance, and overall value of these popular trampoline models.

Why I Chose Kangaroo Hoppers

Why I Chose Kangaroo Hoppers

The Kangaroo Hopper brand caught my eye while searching for our next trampoline, thanks to the bold claims of commercial-grade quality, impressive weight capacities up to 1,500 pounds (Tested Only, actual is 375lbs.), and rave reviews from actual verified buyers.

As a consumer advocate and product reviewer, I appreciate brands that confidently stand behind their products, offer lengthy warranties, and have a track record of responsive customer service. Kangaroo Hoppers checked all those boxes for me.

Why I Chose Kangaroo Hoppers 2

Additionally, I appreciated the wide range of size, color, and accessory options to customize our trampoline, from 12 to 15-foot diameters, 5 vivid colors, basketball hoops, shoe storage bags, and more. This gave me confidence I could create the ideal trampoline for my family’s needs and yard space.

Unboxing and Assembly Experience

Unboxing and Assembly Experience

I ordered both the 12-foot and 15-foot models to compare the setup difficulty, build quality, and bounce feel. Delivery was prompt, arriving in three large boxes just 4 days after ordering.

Inside, parts were individually wrapped and labeled for each section of the trampoline. Detailed photo instructions are included, along with a couple of useful assembly tools like spring loading hooks and heavy work gloves. Bolts, nuts, washers, etc are all sorted and bagged appropriately.

While Kangaroo Hoppers trampolines can be assembled solo thanks to the labeling system, an extra set of hands helps speed up the process considerably. My husband and I assembled both models in around 2 hours each.

Unboxing and Assembly Experience 2

The instructions advise starting by laying out the legs and connecting the frame sections together while still on the ground. Once complete, stand the frame up vertically before attaching the heavy-duty galvanized springs from the mat to frame. For us, a spring loading tool was essential once halfway around the mat to give added tension.

Lastly, the frame pad sections wrap around the frame, attaching by elastic bands underneath. The tall safety enclosure poles then screw into sockets around the edge, which hold the mesh netting.

Unboxing and Assembly Experience 3

Overall, as long as you follow the steps closely, the entire assembly process is straight-forward without any major difficulties or ambiguities for those with reasonable DIY competence.

Build Quality and Features

Build Quality and Features

Both the 12ft and 15ft Kangaroo Hopper trampolines exhibit commercial-grade build quality and materials throughout.

The galvanized rust-resistant steel frame feels very thick and heavy-duty, with multiple legs providing enhanced stability. Sturdy U-shaped design also prevents legs from poking yard.

Hardware is zinc-coated for weather protection, with no plastic parts aside from pole caps. Thick foam frame padding protects from contact injuries.

The heavy-gauge springs stood out to me, using nearly double the steel thickness of cheaper trampolines. This accounts for the impressive weight limits and bounce performance. Six W-shaped legs offer optimal ground contact.

For safety, the nets utilize dense mesh material across the entire surface, allowing excellent visibility while preventing falls through gaps. Integrated shoe storage bags and basketball hoops add fun.

I appreciate that Kangaroo Hoppers offers so many size, color, and accessory options to customize your perfect trampoline unlike most brands. With quality this good, going bigger than typical consumer sizes is suddenly affordable.


Safety is clearly a priority across both models, starting with the 1,500 pound (Tested, actual weight capacity is 375 lbs.) static weight rating that far exceeds typical consumer trampolines. After thoroughly stress testing, I’m confident in the structural integrity to withstand years of rugged use.

The heavy-gauge rust-resistant steel and thick foam padding provides protection from pinches or scrapes when playing near the springs and frame. Enclosure net poles screw firmly into the frame without relying on plastic brackets.

Dense mesh netting extends all the way to edges of the mat without unsafe gaps, stabilized by triangular rings tying upper edges to frame. Five layered thick weather-resistant mat prevents tears or bottoming out.

Three step ladder makes access easy for small children, with handle and anti-slip steps minimizing risk. Having owned models in the past with poorly constructed ladders, I appreciate this attention to detail.

For parents concerned about injuries, it’s also reassuring that Kangaroo Hopper trampolines comply with TUV product safety standards as well as undergo third-party ASTM International testing methods.


The performance and bounce quality across both sizes of Kangaroo Hoppers trampolines ranks right up there with the best I’ve tried.

Credit goes to the heavy-duty galvanized springs and thick jump mat material, which create an ideal balance of responsiveness and lift for big air without excessive recoil. Jumps feel comfortable and controlled, allowing aerial tricks for experienced jumpers.

Although the 15ft model performs similarly due its greater number of springs, the larger jump surface makes it easier for multiple simultaneous jumpers thanks to extra room.

Durability also feels very good, with the robust frame and weather-resistant materials built to last years outdoors. Seasonal disassembly is quick and easy when needed thanks to the thoughtful design.

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Final Verdict After Personal Testing

Having thoroughly tested both the 12ft and 15ft models and put them through the wringer with my kids and their friends, I confidently recommend Kangaroo Hoppers as a top choice for families wanting a safe backyard trampoline built to last.

The commercial-level quality and safety features at these affordable prices blew me away, feeling like a trampoline double the cost. Yes, assembly takes some work, but the superior materials like rust-resistant steel frame, thick protective foam pads, heavy-duty springs, and full-coverage safety enclosure grant peace of mind this investment will pay dividends for years.

While the smaller 12ft trampoline performs wonderfully for average needs, I suggest splurging for the 15ft model if your budget allows. The increased weight capacity makes it perfect for active teens and adults too, while the larger surface grants extra elbow room for multiple jumpers. Accessory options like the basketball hoop also make it more engaging.

For parents wanting a fun backyard activity the whole family loves that will keep kids active outdoors for years, Kangaroo Hoppers trampolines earn my wholehearted recommendation for delivering exceptional safety, quality, performance and value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the warranty period?

Kangaroo Hoppers provides a 5-year warranty covering the frame and jump mat. Other components like enclosure netting, springs, and frame pad carry a 1-year warranty.

Q: What is the maximum user weight and number of jumpers?

Both the 12ft and 15ft trampoline models have a 1,500 static weight capacity and 375 pound maximum jumper weight recommendation. The larger 15ft size can comfortably accommodate 2-3 jumpers thanks to extra surface area.

Q: Do anchors need to be purchased separately?

Yes, Kangaroo Hoppers does not include ground anchors with their trampolines currently. But customers must purchase heavy-duty anchors separately to secure the trampoline frame during windy conditions or severe weather as required in the included safety materials.

Q: How long does delivery and shipping take?

My order of two trampolines was delivered in just 4 days standard shipping speed. However, this can vary based on inventory and your region. Large items like trampolines often ship truck freight which is usually 5-10 business days in transit.

Q: What is the weight of the packages for assembly?

The Kangaroo Hopper trampoline packages ranged from 66 to 100 pounds approximately. Having a second adult helps when lifting and assembling the frame and mat with springs. Use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury.

Q: Can these trampolines be left outside year-round?

Kangaroo Hoppers states their frames and materials are rated for year-round outdoor exposure. However, those in extreme winter climates will still want to consider taking additional precautions like disassembly to prolong lifespan. The warranty does not cover weather-related damage.

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