Reasons Why Does Grass Grow Better Under Trampolines?

The climate is the first and most apparent reason grass grows better under trampolines. Direct UV rays can be very dangerous for the grass, but if the jumping mat of the trampoline is thick enough, it will indeed absorb the rays and evenly distribute the heat under the trampoline. For this reason, the rays will not hit the grass directly, and the grass will grow better.

However, it will not implement in those climates where you do not see the sun. In this case, grass will die under a trampoline because it will not even get enough light to be alive. Also, the cold weather will contribute to killing the grass.

If you don’t know, grass grows in evenly warm temperatures. The best temperature for the grass to breathe and grow actively is 70-90 degrees F. So, if the temperature under the trampoline is between these ranges, you are going to cut the grass again and again.

Keep in mind that the type of grass and watering are also factors that contribute to growth and death. However, above all aspects are valid for natural grass in most cases.

reasons why grass grow better under a trampoline

Some species (natural grass) and types (breeding) are succulent and produce biomass far above the ground.

For example, Sudax grows enough to feed livestock but requires a lot of water. On the other hand, Teff Grass comes from very dry regions and needs very little moisture, but it is also very sensitive to cold weather.

The turf industry offers many types of grass that are more drought tolerant than others. For instance, Zoysia grass and some fescues have been bred in such a way that they are more drought tolerant than others.

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Overall, there are various reasons why grass grows better under the trampoline, including climate, moisture, and grass type. If your headache is overgrowing the grass, you can have many things to cut the grass without moving the trampoline.

equippement to cut the grass from under trampoline

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