What Is a Trampoline Park?

What Is a Trampoline Park

While you might not have heard of trampoline parks yet, they’re quickly gaining popularity across America, and are even starting to spread internationally! But what exactly are these trampoline parks, how do they differ from regular indoor trampoline centers, and why should you consider giving them a try? Here are the answers to these and … Read more

How to Prevent Trampoline from Rusting?

How to Prevent Trampoline from Rusting

It’s a typical Sunday afternoon, and your kids are outside enjoying themselves on the trampoline you bought them while you’re inside the house getting some work done. So, you log off of work, put your iPhone on silent, and head outside, where your children’s faces light up with anticipation as they realize you’ll be joining … Read more

How to Fix Trampoline Net?

How to Fix Trampoline Net

‍‍If your trampoline’s netting has rips or tears, your family will be at risk of serious injury if they jump on it without being supervised. Luckily, though, repairing trampoline netting is an easy and safe process that you can complete yourself in no time if you have the right tools and the right knowledge of … Read more

What Size Trampoline for 2 Kids?

What Size Trampoline for 2 Kids

When it comes to trampolines and kids, there are some critical questions that parents need to ask themselves before purchasing the equipment. Specifically, how large of a trampoline do you really need?  For example, if you only have two kids to entertain on the trampoline at once, should you go with a small trampoline or … Read more

Is Zupapa a Good Trampoline Brand?

Is Zupapa a Good Trampoline

Zupapa is a trampoline brand that has been around for a few years. The company offers both residential and commercial trampolines, with a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from. But with so many trampoline brands on the market, how do you know if Zupapa is the right one for you? In this … Read more

How to Remove Rust from Trampoline Springs?

How to Remove Rust from Trampoline Springs

A trampoline is a fantastic piece of exercise equipment that can add hours of excitement and health benefits to your life. Trampolines can be quite costly and fussy to maintain. Pay close attention to the trampoline’s springs if you want it to last as long as possible and perform at its best. Rust is a … Read more

How to Play Basketball On Trampoline?

How to Play Basketball On Trampoline

It is not easy to control the basketball while playing on the trampoline. When you are jumping, the ball also jumps with you and it is hard to keep the ball in your hands when you are trying to jump high. If you want to play basketball on the trampoline, there are some tips that … Read more

What Size Trampoline for Teenagers?

What Size Trampoline for Teenager

As your child gets older, they will want to start doing more physically challenging activities. It is a wonderful idea to have them get the best-size trampoline as a way to encourage them to do this. It is going to be a great chance for them to get some exercise as well as have a … Read more

12 Tips to Clean Your Trampoline After Winter?

How to Clean a Trampoline After Winter

An outdoor trampoline can provide fun for the whole family. Adults and kids alike find them entertaining because of the high jumps and acrobatics they perform. Everyone who owns a trampoline will notice that it becomes dirtier and dirtier with each use. Outdoor trampolines are subjected to the same conditions. Trampoline mats get dirty because … Read more

How to Level a Trampoline Without Digging?

How to Level a Trampoline Without Digging

People of all ages can have fun jumping on a trampoline, and its great exercise, too. Of course, the structure itself has to be rock-solid, which begs the question: can a trampoline be installed on a slope? The uneven surface is no problem for trampolines. A trampoline can be installed on a hill or slope, … Read more