How Much Does A Rectangle Trampoline Cost?

how much does a rectangle trampoline cost

Rectangle trampolines are generally more expensive, and their prices range between $600 and $1200. But these prices are only for non-professional rectangular trampolines. The prices of professional rectangular trampolines cost up to $3000. The extra support and shape of rectangular trampolines make them more expensive. ¬†Below we will discuss the factors that make a rectangle … Read more

How Much Does A Small Trampoline Cost?

how much does a small trampoline cost

Small trampolines are the cheapest trampolines, and normally the cost of these small trampolines ranges from $60-400. Small trampolines that you want to buy will cost you different amounts based on different factors, which are discussed below in detail. As an example, mid-range small trampolines typically cost between $60 and $200, while high-end small trampolines … Read more

Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Reviews

jumpsport fitness trampoline reviews

Jumpsport is a Home Cardio Fitness spring-less mini rebounder with a low-impact and comes with an exceptional weight capacity of 200-250 pounds with different models and with a size of 39-inch that is the best and most adaptable size for fitness trampolines.¬† It provides ease of bouncing with its virtually silent FlexBounce System, as well … Read more