Is Trampoline a Hard Sport?

Most people consider trampolines only for recreational activity, but it’s a challenging and fascinating sport named “trampoline gymnastics.” If you don’t know, it’s been part of the Olympics since 2020. Also, trampoline gymnasts have the most thrilling audiences among all the gymnastics disciplines.

It’s easy to see an athlete flying in the air and showing you thrilling stunts but believe me. It is not a straightforward atoll. They have devoted their lives to this sport. They have been practicing for a long time. 

Although the casual jumping on the trampoline is fun and it has a lot of benefits like you can lose weight and belly fat, enjoy it with the family, and you don’t have to buy a treadmill or any exercise equipment.

However, if you are willing to get into this sport as a professional, you have to love this sport from the heart. 

From the beginning, you should buy the best trampoline for gymnastics for home practice. Although gymnastic trampolines are expensive, as I said earlier, you have to love this sport. It means you have to devote yourself to becoming a professional. However, you can buy a mid-quality gymnastic trampoline from Amazon. It will be far less cheap than physical trampoline stores.

Now, you have done the first step. After that, you have to get admission to a trampoline gymnastic club. No matter where you live, you have to google for a gymnastic club near me, and boom. You will have a lot of gymnastics clubs near or a little far from you.

Keep in mind that without training, you will not become a professional trampoline gymnastics athlete.

Here I am not going to teach you the rules and regulations, but all I can say is without motivation, you can’t do anything.

Some people will think, I’m slim and intelligent, I can do it quickly, it’s just jumping, NO. For a beginner, a little mistake can be a significant injury and even death.

In 2017, CBS reported on the story of collegiate national champion gymnast Ric Sweezy, who died after falling on the improper foot at a trampoline park and hitting his head against a poorly cushioned wall.

It’s just one event. There are a lot of famous deaths. I can count the deaths, but I don’t want to. 

So, if you are not serious, you can buy a gymnastic trampoline and learn some basic tricks to impress others and have fun with your friends and family. But it is recommended that no more than one person should be doing tricks on the trampoline at a time. The other will be on one side.

If you think there should be no problem when you are just jumping and enjoying, again, NO. You can hit one another while jumping. So, one person at one time.

Also, if you are going to learn some basic tricks and flips. Never buy a round trampoline. Go for a long or rectangle trampoline for gymnastics. The most obvious reason, of course, is the space. Long trampolines have ample area to do some flips and other tricks.

On the other hand, round trampolines have high bounce but are primarily for recreational activities.

However, if you have less budget, you can go for a round trampoline, but it should be at least the best 14ft trampoline. More than this lot better.

Also, you must look at the weight capacity, sturdiness, and, most crucial, warranty. Because trampoline is a significant investment, a warranty is needed. Many gymnastic trampolines come with 10 years to lifetime warranty on metal material, but jumping mats and nets usually have 1-2 years of warranty.

In the end, I will suggest some informative sources to help you out if you are really willing to become a trampoline gymnast.

Useful resources:

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