How Long Does A Trampoline Last?

how long does a trampoline last

An outdoor trampoline of good quality can last between 3-8 years if it is well maintained with time. The level of care and maintenance determines the lifespan of a trampoline. This care includes not jumping on frames, limiting the number of people to use the trampoline, and keeping it from blowing in the wind.  There … Read more

Can You Jump On Wet Trampolines?

can you jump on a wet trampoline

You can jump on a wet trampoline. You can enjoy or have more fun on a wet trampoline. Jumping on a wet trampoline feels more bouncy than usual, but this is not a great idea. This is risky, and you can get injured badly. How does the trampoline get wet? When their rainfall occurs, your … Read more

Can You Put A Trampoline On Concrete?

can you put a trampoline on concrete

You can put your trampoline on concrete. If you have a yard but do not have enough smooth or grassy surfaces, you will put your trampoline on a hard concrete surface. This is not a problem, but the thing is, it’s not a good idea. There are many reasons why experts or experienced people do … Read more

What To Put Under Trampoline On Grass?

what to put under trampoline on grass

What to put under trampoline on grass? grass mats for trampoline? rubber mat for under trampoline? artificial turf under trampoline? No, nothing to put on the grass under the trampoline. Don’t worry about the grass under the trampoline. The grass under the trampoline is shinier than the whole yard. In reality, the only part of … Read more

Can You Put A Normal Trampoline In The Ground?

can you put a normal trampoline in the ground

Yes, you can put a normal trampoline in the ground, but for that, you will need a rigid retaining wall for holding soil. Moreover, you will also need to place your normal trampoline around this rigid wall for support. While burying your normal trampoline in the ground, don’t forget about the correct size of the … Read more

Are Mini Trampolines Safe For 2 Year Olds

are mini trampolines safe for 2 year olds

For 2 year olds, mini trampolines can be both safe and dangerous. Mini trampolines for kids are safe if they are used carefully under the parent’s supervision and inspected regularly. And are dangerous for 2 year olds if they are not closely supervised.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, injuries from trampolines are very common among … Read more

How Much Does A Rectangle Trampoline Cost?

how much does a rectangle trampoline cost

Rectangle trampolines are generally more expensive, and their prices range between $600 and $1200. But these prices are only for non-professional rectangular trampolines. The prices of professional rectangular trampolines cost up to $3000. The extra support and shape of rectangular trampolines make them more expensive. ¬†Below we will discuss the factors that make a rectangle … Read more

How Much Does A Small Trampoline Cost?

how much does a small trampoline cost

Small trampolines are the cheapest trampolines, and normally the cost of these small trampolines ranges from $60-400. Small trampolines that you want to buy will cost you different amounts based on different factors, which are discussed below in detail. As an example, mid-range small trampolines typically cost between $60 and $200, while high-end small trampolines … Read more